Oil Extractors

 For Quick, Easy & Clean Oil Changes

PL-6000 PELA 6000 Oil Extractor

This is our most popular oil changer. It has the power of our Big PELA but comes in a compact, more affordable model. Simply pump 10 to 20 times in a row to create a powerful vacuum. Sturdy, see-through container (6.0 litres) neatly captures the oil. The calibrated walls lets the user know how much oil has been removed. A pour spout is included to help emptying. Pump is removable for easy storage. Ideal for consumer use. Sold around the world since 1998.

PL-6000 Specifications


6 Litres


54.6cm (21.5 inches) (assembled)

Diameter of Container:

23cm (9 inches)


Probe 0.5cm (3/16 inch) OD, Length 1110cm (43 inches)
Clear Section 1cm (3/8 inch) OD, Length 100cm (39 inches)